Latest Version: 0.3
Released: 2007-02-09

Chirpy! 0.3 API Documentation



Chirpy::UI::WebApp::Session::DataManager - Abstract data manager class specific to Chirpy::UI::WebApp::Session


This class is required by Chirpy::UI::WebApp's session manager Chirpy::UI::WebApp::Session. It is an abstract class representing a data manager for session information.

If you wish to create an implementation of this class, the easiest way is to extend an existing Chirpy::DataManager implementation with this class's methods.

The class also has two non-abstract object method, namely remove_expired_sessions() and remove_expired_sessions_if_necessary(). The former returns a list containing the IDs of the sessions that have expired and have consequently been removed. The latter does the same, but only every 24 hours; otherwise, it returns undef.


If you want to make your Chirpy::DataManager compatible with Chirpy::UI::WebApp::Session, all you need to do is implement a few extra object methods for creating, retrieving, updating and deleting sessions. You will probably also have to extend your set_up() and remove() methods accordingly. The extra methods to implement are as follows:

add_session($id, $data)

Stores the session with ID $id and session data $data. $data is a hash reference, so you will probably have to serialize it. How you do that is up to you, but Data::Dumper makes it easy. Returns a true value upon success.


Returns a list containing the data hash for each session whose ID is contained in @ids, or all sessions if @ids is empty. If no sessions are found, returns an empty list (and not undef).

modify_session($id, $data)

Updates the existing session with ID $id with the data from the hash referred to by $data.


Removes all sessions with an ID contained in @ids from the system. Returns the number of removed sessions.


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